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Private Painting Parties


from 360.00

3 hour customized painting lessons for 1 student:

Learn how to draw and paint from life or how to paint by referring to a photo using the top brand professional grade Acrylics, Water-soluble Oils, Egg Tempera, Encaustics, Gouche, and Pastels.

Tuition: 360.00.00 for one 3 hour lesson includes professional brushes, the finest professional quality supplies. (If you only want to learn how to paint, we supply pre-drawn images of your choice for your painting as well as a thick, cotton apron.)

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN YOUR CHILD CREATING A PORTFOLIO FOR SOTA, PLEASE EMAIL CHRIS AT and scroll down to the bottom to read details of portfolio requirements and amount of lessons required to develop an outstanding SOTA portfolio.

Description of foundational painting lessons using photo as your reference : Send to Chris via email the image you would like to paint using professional-quality supplies on canvas, wooden panel or archival paper and Chris will give you step by step visual demonstration, verbal explanation and loving encouragement on how to create your painting. Your painting will be pre-drawn for you unless you prefer to learn how to draw it yourself.

Once you purchase your lesson(s), email Chris at with the image you want to study at least 7 days prior to the first day of the class. It can be a painting you want to study the technique of, a painting created from a still life or live figure, or from a photograph of anything you are interested in turning into a painting in any style you want to explore.

SOTA PORTFOLIO DEVELOPMENT: Many students attend private lessons specifically because they are interested in auditioning to attend School of The Arts. Some who attend develop an interest in auditioning because of their experience in my program. I am often asked by parents if I will assist their child with preparation of the 3 components required in the application process; 1) the Visual Arts Portfolio, 2) letters of recommendation, and 3) the audition. I am more than happy to work with individual students toward these goals, provided that we have ample time to do so. SOTA views its’ program as pre-professional training and is looking for a high level of self-motivation and commitment on the part of applicants.

Please be aware that the portfolio preparation for the School of the Arts is an intensive and time-consuming process. It is extremely competitive and requires a great deal of dedication as well as personal time, working independently. SOTA’s portfolio requirements are always very specific. All pieces submitted for the Visual Art Portfolio must be rendered from life. As a result, the majority of work that students create in our k-5th grade program cannot be included in the portfolio. The most recent portfolio requirements involve submitting portraiture, landscape and still life, all from life in both color and black and white. They require that 3-4 mediums be represented and from 6 total pieces submitted.

Completing this volume of work at the level that SOTA expects is a huge challenge. This is why it is so vital that a student begins to prepare as early as possible. As part of the application process students are required to “audition”. For Visual Arts this is a scheduled group drawing session where students are expected to draw still life objects, uninstructed, while the selection committee observes them. The third component of this process is submitting applications, transcripts and letters of recommendation by specific deadline dates. Again, I am happy to write letters of recommendation provided I have had ample time to work with a student and feel that I have an ability to assess both their level of development and their potential. If you have a student who is planning to apply to School of The Arts, it is imperative that you notify me at least 1 year prior to his or her audition. If you are new to my program, please notify me when you inquire about enrollment. Auditions are scheduled months in advance for the first week of January for students who will be attending high school the following September of that year. The portfolios are due approximately 1 month prior to the auditions (mid-December for 1st auditions in January).

Please contact SOTA early, to verify all application deadlines, as well as updated portfolio requirements and timing for scheduling auditions.

A student applying to SOTA will need a minimum of 18 private 3 hour lessons.  I will also give sketchbook homework that needs to be completed and brought back for a critique every week. 

SIX LESSONS for developing ability to make 2 portraits - one (1) self-portrait and one (1) drawing of a human face

SIX LESSONS for developing ability to create 2 still life - three (3) or more objects in each drawing

SIX LESSONS for developing ability to create 2 landscapes - interior and exterior view and demonstrate spatial relationships

REFUND POLICY: Please note that all private lessons are final sale. 50% reimbursement for cancellations is provided in the form of class credit ONLY. We must be notified 48 hours of start time. If you must cancel, please contact Chris at



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