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Private Painting Parties

Painting Party

from 990.00

Customized Painting Parties for your child (age 6 and up) or you, your friends or family

Cost: 99.00 per person (minimum 10, maximum 28)

Invite a party of children, adults or families to take a beginning acrylic painting class together from Chris Babcock. Through step by step instruction and constant visual demonstration, Chris Babcock and a her assistant teacher show party guests how to paint their chosen image. Each party guest will complete a 15 by 20-inch acrylic painting using only finest professional-quality acrylic paints on museum quality white cotton paper. You are welcome to bring any food you like, birthday cake, beverages, libations, and decorations or have your party catered. Minimum number required to hold a party is 10 people.

You or your child choose three images to choose from to paint at the party. Chris will email you many images to choose from that can be painted in one three or four hour setting or you can send Chris images that you choose. The paintings are still wet at the end of the party, so they need to stay with us to dry. We do very minor touch ups on them and then gloss them with a clear varnish or not depending on if each guest wants a glossy painting or a matte finish painting. We can deliver the paintings to your house the next day or when it is convenient for you to receive them, or you can ask the parents to come by anytime Monday through Thursday between 3:30 and 6:30 to pick up their child’s painting.

Date and time: Request any day or night of the week between the hours of 9 am and 10 pm for a 3 to 6 hour art class with friends. Adults attention spans are longer and they take longer to complete their paintings so that’s why we offer different lengths of time to choose form for your party. Best to reserve two weeks to a month in advance of the date. The most popular time to hold a party for kids is 1 to 5 pm on a Saturday or Sunday. The most popular time to hold an adult party is any night of the week, 6 to 11 pm.

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