Following the initial contact and consultation, a photo shoot is arranged at the your home or location of choice. After the photo shoot, the digital photos are emailed to you, and you pick the photo your love the most. You may make suggestions for specific background color for the portrait. Chris will also match background color with a certain room in your home. After the photo is chosen, you choose what media you want the portrait created with: prisma-color pencils on acid-free board or  oils on wooden panel.  Then Chris creates the portrait!

All portraits must be paid for in full before the initial photo shoot begins.  If you wish to purchase any of the digital photos taken at the photo shoot, you can buy them individually for 99.00 each.

Full figure portraits are custom-priced based on the portrait size, number of children, and detail of the clothing and shoes worn by the subjects.

Any portrait can be custom-sized to fit a particular wall space.

Other expenses: Travel and shipping costs are additional. Sales tax applies in some states.

Please email to setup portrait services.

Please click here to download contract, print and sign and bring it with you at the photo shoot.

Custom Portraits by Chris Babcock made with oil paints or prisma-color pencil

Price List

14 x 17 inch
individual head and shoulders
$ 1,850.00              

16 x 20 inch
individual head and shoulders
$ 2,450.00

18 x 22 inch
individual head and shoulders
$ 3,450.00

20 x 22 inch
individual head and shoulders
$ 3,950.00

22 x 24 inch
individual head and shoulders
$ 4,459.00

24 x 26 inch
individual head and shoulders
$ 5,199.00

17 x 28 inch
group portrait of two figures (head and shoulders only)
$ 5,700.00

Half figures (torso and hands)
$ 6,459.00

22 x 30 inch
group portrait of three figures (head and shoulders only)
$ 7,459.00

Half figures (torso and hands)
$ 9,450.00

24 x 32 inch
group portrait of four figures (head and shoulders only) $10,200.00

Half figures (torso and hands) $12,000.00