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Teen Intern in Training

SUMMER 2017: Teen Tutors in Training Program (San Francisco, Atherton or Woodside)


Tutor Training for Teens 

(ages 11 to 19) 

Chris Babcock Art offers teen girls and boys ages 11 to 19 a unique opportunity to receive professional tutor training working with children.  Chris Babcock teaches her teen interns the art of conflict resolution, mentoring skills, accountability, teamwork and one-on-one drawing and painting tutoring skills. 


Opportunity to learn the inner workings of an art camp including how to inspire confidence in children as they learn how to draw and paint

Ongoing supervision with positive and encouraging feedback from Chris Babcock and other adult art teachers on how to give one-on-one instruction to a student.

Free access to creating an original 15 by 20-inch acrylic painting between 3:30 and 5 pm at the end of the day.  Interns will learn all day every day how to draw and paint using acrylics and this free painting time is a great opportunity for them to relax and apply all they have learned during the day of instruction.  Each intern can let Chris Babcock know verbally each day if he or she is staying to work on an acrylic painting after class.  

After five 5 days internship, Chris Babcock will write a letter of recommendation for your child to add to their high school or college resume.


Your teenager does not require advanced skills in drawing and painting to be trained as a tutor at Chris Babcock Art, but he or she should have a strong interest in the fine arts and enjoy working one-on-one with children.


Week of Internship:
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