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Summer Art Camps
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Atherton Summer Art Camp (ages 5.9 to 12 years)


Location:  Home of Sacred Heart family, the Summes

6 Callado Way, Atherton, CA.

Age Group: kindergarteners-8th grade

DATE & TIME: July 17-21, 9am-3pm

Tuition: 575.00 covers 9 am to 3 pm camp, all professional grade art supplies, the finest quality acrylic paints and apron

Our Mission at Chris Babcock Summer Art Camp:

1) Instruct art campers in an empathetic, humorous and charming manner on how to develop creative and technical drawing and acrylic painting skills.  

2) Help campers develop peer friendships by encouraging constructive socializing throughout the day.

STUDENT-TEACHER RATIO: 8 to 1/ Maximum 28 students


On the first day of camp, we show the campers the images pictured on this description page. The images are arranged in three categories: animal, figure, still-life/landscape. After viewing all the images, the campers vote to narrow all the images they study to four animals paintings, four figure paintings and four landscape/still life paintings. At the end of the 5 day camp, each student will have three 15 by 20-inch glossed paintings to bring home.

EARLY CARE: 8:30 am to 9 am,  $10 cash per child to be paid at the beginning of each camp day

What to wear and bring: Please only wear old clothes and shoes and pack a sack lunch and a big water bottle to last the entire day. 


9 am to 9:45 am is creative mind and friendship building time: 

When art campers arrive, they sit with kids their own age and spend this time talking to each other while working on warming up their right brains by creating original drawings with 28 color Sharpie markers on museum quality bristol paper. The rules of this all week Sharpie drawing exercise are:

1) Each student must draw at least 20 original characters by putting two unlike things together for instance; combine in some way a lady bug and the Transamerica building or an astronaut and a pickle!).

2) Campers must use all 28 colors of sharpies in their drawings, no scribbling is allowed and the drawing is only complete when there is absolutely no white showing on the paper.

9:45-11 am is the beginning of formal painting lesson:Through step by step instruction and constant visual demonstration, Chris Babcock and her team of teachers show students how to draw and paint a 15 by 20-inch painting.  

11:00 to noon is lunch time:  

Each day during lunch time, kids socialize while they enjoy their sack lunches, then they get to play in the back yard.

Noon to 3 pm is the continuation of formal drawing and painting lesson time using the finest professional quality acrylic paints on museum quality archival paper. 

At the end of the week, each student will bring home three 15 by 20-inch glossed paintings.


REFUND POLICY:  if your child cannot attend art camp after payment is made, you can apply their tuition fee towards any class at Chris Babcock Art. You must use your tuition credit within 1 year of art camp purchase.

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