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Email Chris at portraits@artwithchris.com to tell her what you have in mind for an art project for you, or your child, a group pre-k of or elementary school age students or friends, teens or adults, and she will help you set up a customized art class tailored to your specifications. Many moms take these completed customized art projects and use them as the focal point in the interior design of an office, family room, dining room, play room, bedroom or bath.

You can request any kind of subject matter for your art project(s) using any media in any combination, art board, canvas or paper you want. Customized classes can be set up during the day, after school, during the summer, weekends, in service days and holidays.

Some examples of past customized art projects:

A group of ten 1st grade boys from Stuart Hall drew and painted Yoda, a Storm Trooper and Chewbacca from the famous Star Wars series using professional grade acrylics on 15 by 22 inch archival paper. (This project was completed in six 2.5 hour lessons.) One mom used these three paintings as the focal point in the interior design of her boys’ bathroom and bedroom.

One group of 20 elementary school students from Delmar Burkes School drew and painting Three Cakes by Wayne Thiebaud using professional acrylics and heavy gel medium on 18 by 20 inch archival paper. (this project was completed in one four hour lesson.)

Six siblings interpreted a Jim Dine inspired Valentine heart using professional quality oils on 6 wooden art boards which were hung at the top of the stairs in their house for their Father’s birthday present. (This project was completed in 1 four hour class)

One 8 year old girl drew and painted three 3.5 by 4 ft. Joan Miro inspired abstract designs using black and blue india ink on thick museum quality museum paper that was custom framed and hung on a prominent wall in the family’s formal dining room. (This project was completed in two 2.5 classes)

One 5 year old homeschooler interpreted the sun rising above the ocean’s horizon using professional acrylics on 5 by 7 ft. canvas which was hung in the living room of the family’s beach home (this project was completed in two 2.5 hour classes)

One 11 year old child illustrated a 16 page children’s book her mother wrote that is now in the process of being published. (This project was completed in thirty six 2.5 hour lessons)

Six siblings drew and painted realistic 3 by 4 ft. self-portraits in the style of Andy Warhol using professional acrylics on museum quality archival paper. ( This project was completed in five four hour lessons over Christmas holidays, framed and hung in a long, wide hallway in the family’s home.)



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