Adult Classes

FALL 2018: INDEPENDENT PAINTING TIME (experienced adult painters only)


If you really want to paint, but need to get away from work and family duties to do it, come to Chris Babcock Art this Fall and paint with Chris in her main class room!

Time: 9:30 am to 2:30 pm (show up to paint for any length of time during this 5 hour time frame)

Dates: Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday October 2-Dec. 13


1) Pay 25.00 to drop in to one day of painting time or buy a punch card for 10 drop-in painting times for 200.00. Only 10 painters allowed per day in the main classroom, so please show up at 9:30 if you want to make sure to get a seat. It is first come first serve, but you can call us at 415-317-5312 at 9 am the morning of the day you want to paint, and we will reserve your seat ONLY if you already have purchased a 200.00 punch card.

2) Email Chris Babcock Art an image you would like to paint using professional-quality acrylics or oils on archival paper and your painting will be pre-drawn for you unless you prefer to draw it yourself.

3)Please tell CB ART the size of the painting you want to produce. Paintings can be up to 22 by 30 inches.

4) If you want a larger than 22 by 30 inch painting, please email Chris to ask about special pricing to draw a bigger artwork for you.

4)It is very important to email Chris Babcock Art at with the image you want to study at least 7 days prior to the day you come in to paint.

5) All paint, brushes, water bucket, and wipes are supplied for you.

6)You will load your own paints at the paint station upstairs where you will be painting. There will be a visual guide at the paint station on how to load oil and acrylic paints; how much to use, how to mix colors and when to use linseed oil, stand oil or fast drying solution etc. for your oil paints, or slow drying solution or flow improver for your acrylic paints. Chris will be in classroom with you painting, too. She will not be instructing the class, but you can consult with her if you have a question about your painting project.

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